At What Age Does a Kitten Stop Growing and Becomes An Adult?

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Even though we would like kittens to stay so small and cute forever, this is unfortunately not possible. But at what age do they stop growing? At what age are they considered adult cats? And how do you know the final future size of a kitten? We’ve got the answers! 

Rapid growth for up to 6 months

Until the age of 6 months, kittens grow very quickly. And for good reason, they take on average 10 to 20 grams per day! At the age of 6 months, they are then considered as “ adolescents ”.

Then, until the age of 12 months, their growth slows down to a complete stop. However, every cat is different and some felines can continue to grow for several months or even years.

To know if a cat is finished growing, it is enough to weigh it every week for a month . If his weight has not moved low, it is because he has stopped growing.

Note that this weight should therefore serve as a reference throughout the life of the animal. For example, if he were to gain weight subsequently because of overeating, the goal to achieve to make him lose weight will be this reference weight.

How to know the size of a kitten as an adult? 

You will understand, a cat is considered an adult when it has reached the age of 1 year. And this even if he has not yet completely stopped growing. Indeed, some large breeds of cats can continue to grow for several years. 

In any case, the parents of the animal are the best indicator of size. But gender can also be a determining factor. In fact, males are often larger than females and their growth is slower . Plus, it’s good to know that a poor diet can stunt growth.

It is also possible to estimate the future adult weight of a kitten by weighing it at 16 weeks of age and doubling the weight obtained. However, this is not an exact science but an estimate.

Also, be careful not to confuse growth with sexual maturity ! And for good reason, the latter occurs well before the end of growth, from the age of 4 months. It is therefore quite possible that your cat will have her first heat before having finished growing.

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