If you are looking for a litter box for your beloved cat, a covered one might attract you with its evident privacy for hiding all those things that nobody relishes to see or smell. This is perhaps the major reason why covered litter boxes are still the choice of many. Apart from privacy, a covered litter box is also ideal for litter scatter control, prevention of pee and poop from displaying, and trapping odor inside, if seen from the cat owner’s perspective.

From the aforementioned perspective, a covered box appears to be a dream-come-true, initially, in the beginning. Such a box tends to keep everything tidy not only outside but also within. Nevertheless, a few facts must be considered prior to shopping a covered litter box. The extent to which the promising litter box will be successful is directly dependent upon its size, its cleanliness, and its location along with the budget, of course. Keeping these things in mind, here are the two most reliable covered litter boxes suggested and reviewed.


Product Rating Price
Litter Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box 4.5/5 $$
ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box 3.9/5 $

Litter Robot III Open-Air

If you are looking for a maintenance-free automatic scooping litter box, this one can be your ideal choice although it might cost you a bit more than the normal market range. Designed for multiple cats, the Litter robot II features a unique design that fully discards the need to scoop manually, particularly useful for those having more than one cat. The bubble type window behind the globe is spacious enough to allow both larger cats and light to enter.

The unit comes with a special sensor that gets activated whenever a cat steps inside. The sensor than notices the weight of the cat and triggers a rotating mechanism for putting the waste stuff into a drawer, once the cat leaves. At the same time, the sensor also starts a countdown of seven minutes for activating the cleaning cycle.

There is a 7-minute delay prior to every cleaning cycle. The cycle stops, as a security measure, when the cat re-enters after which another cycle begins only after an extra time of seven minutes. Once the cat leaves, the countdown starts and the cycle begins on the 0th minute. The Globe then rotates, filters clean litter from clumps, and puts waste into a bottom drawer. The plus point of this drawer is that it discards that typical, unpleasant odor through its carbon filter.

The sensor is sensitive to weight, which means it needs at least 5 pounds to work. This means that kittens cannot use the litter box that works only on a firm and leveled surface. Nevertheless, you can use any trash bag to hold the litter. Talking about maintenance, you will have to dispose the waste in trash bag every week as well as wash the globe once every month. For globe cleaning, you need to lift and wash it using mild soap.

For cats weighing below 16 lbs, this bubble unit is certainly a cool choice. However, the box can even accommodate bigger cats that can adapt easily. The box is also ideal for owners who do not spending a bit more on a unit that can function without manufacturer’s supplies. The Litter Robot works well in big apartments where air remains fresh and cool. A traveler would surely love to have this box to take care of the pet.

Pros : Durable design, easy to use, no manual scooping, quick waste disposal, spacious, almost maintenance-free, no odor, quieter than other options.

Cons : Bit costly, big dimensions, no water-proof control panel.

ScoopFree® Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box scoops the waste automatically and helps dispose it with the help of disposable tray and blue crystals that soak up urine as well as discard feces odor. The disposable tray resides as the unit’s bottom to get dirty enough when cats do their job on the litter area. You simply need to slide out the tray, throw it, and put a new one. Well, it is that easy to dispose waste!

Unlike the Original version, the Ultra unit comes with additional features such as privacy hood for ensuring cat’s privacy, adjustable rake delay to delay cleaning for 5, 10 or 20 minutes post usage, and health counter to know how frequently the pet uses the box.

When a cat enters the box and does it natural job, the blue crystals soak and deodorize the urine. These crystals are composed of silica and they tend to function better with fresh and dry air. The Ultra rake cleans and drives the waste automatically toward a covered compartment at an interval of 5, 10, or 20 minutes once the cat uses the box. In case the pet re-enters at this time, the sensors inside reset the box for an extra time of 5, 10, or 20 minutes, as per the programming. The waste compartment exists on the tray’s front side.

Once those additional minutes pass, the rake runs through the crystals for re-distributing them again for absorbing the urine without generating clumps. This means no waste is accumulated in the waste trap. In case of defecation, the rake pushes the clumps into the waste trap that collects the clumps and then deactivates itself once the rake is back into its position. The cardboard waste trap and purple waste trap cover are affixed by magnets, which means they function as single unit to open and close after obtaining the waste. The former is filled with more crystals and that it traps the odor at the time of closing so that the blue crystals can soak it.

Fortunately, the rake does not get clogged unlike other units, as it changes the direction by sweeping front and back behind the litter box. Talking about maintenance, you need to replace the tray once in a month in case of a single cat and 10 days in case of three cats. The unit is ideal for those who have 1-2 cats.

Pros : Easy setup, no jamming while scooping, good odor control, privacy, adjustable time delay, less maintenance, long cord, convenient disposable unit, health counter.

Cons : Need of cartridges, motion sensor blocking if cat digs, unsealed trap, small litter area, not for kittens below six years old.