Best Games for Cats

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Is there anything more beautiful than seeing your cat playing around the house with the toys you specially bought for him? Play is a very important activity for any domestic tiger. Since childhood, the mother cat teaches her little ones to play in order to learn to listen and follow their instincts as small hunters.

When a cat stays indoors, it obviously doesn’t have the ability to hunt, climb trees, or do whatever else a cat would do in the wild. For this reason, it is important to choose the best cat toys that can stimulate their intelligence, vivacity, and vitality.

Let’s find out together which are the best toys for cats with which to spend a lot of time together, to have fun and strengthen their emotional bond.

Best Games for Cats in 2020

Trixie Cat Activity Snack Ball

Trixie Cat Activity Snack Ball, 6 cm

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The SnackBall is a ball specially designed to allow cats to develop their intellectual skills. As much as cats like snacks and balls, conquering them with this fantastic ball will be a truly unforgettable adventure.

But, once you get the biscuit contained inside, its value will be even greater. Basically, the SnackBall is formed by a sturdy plastic ball that contains a spiral, open on the lower end from which the biscuits will fall. Playing with your kitten will be real fun: just fill the ball with biscuits, shake it, give it to your cat and see him having fun and satisfied. Surely, this is one of the best games for cats to be able to develop their intelligence.

ZENY 53‘‘ Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts

ZENY 53 inches Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts...

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If your cat is a climber, like mine, then this cat tree is the one for him. An elegant and beautiful space where you can climb, hide, or play: in a beautiful color and modern design, the house will become a beautiful piece of furniture for any space in your home. 

This is among the most recommended games for older cats, who can have fun watching the world from above, without having to make too much effort to reach the top.

ALL FOR PAWS Crinkle Cat Tunnel Tube

ALL FOR PAWS AFP Summer Time Tunnel Crinkle Cat Tunnel Cat...

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It’s no secret that cats love boxes, tubes, and everything that they may be able to enter one way or another. With the Paw tunnel, your cat will have fun engaging in irresistible adventures, between unstoppable races and hilarious ambushes.

The tunnel, inside, has a rustling film that will stimulate his attention and curiosity while the hanging ball (or shall we say mouse?), present at one of the two entrances, will simply be impossible to ignore. Tunnel Paw is the most recommended toy for cats and for owners of two or more pets: seeing your cats chasing each other inside will be great!

Gigwi Cat Interactive Toy Feather Electronic Tripod

Gigwi Cat Interactive Toy Feather Electronic Tripod,...

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GiGwi Feather Spinner is an innovative electronic and irresistible mechanical game. It is a combination of two rotating feather games that will rotate unpredictably in all directions.

I promise you, your kitty will love to hunt him! Thanks to its latest generation sensors, this innovative toy is able to activate itself in the direction of the cat to awaken his natural hunting instinct. It runs on two super simple AA batteries and, it should be said, is the most favorite toy for ultra-tech cats and owners.

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit, Original

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Senses Catit is a beautiful game designed to allow your cat to develop his intelligence. It is a transparent tube containing an irresistible ball, impossible to leave alone: ​​the kitty will feel the irrepressible need to chase it and play with it at any time, for unlimited fun sessions.

Senses Catit is the most loved cat toy that not only stimulates the intelligence of domestic tiger cubs (of any age) but also sharpens their most important senses: sight, hearing, and touch.

By running after the ball in the transparent tube, cats can have fun in total tranquility: the game is safe for cats of any age. It is about 110 cm long and can be assembled in a few steps.

Trixie Led Pointer Catch The Light

LED Pointer Catch The Light, Yellow

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An irresistible fish-shaped LED light to chase around the house – Trixie’s Catch the Light LED Pointer is one of the simplest and most popular cat toys.

Great for stimulating your cat’s physical activity, this fun toy will improve the cat’s reflexes, stimulating its reactivity. The CX927-type battery has a duration of about 100 hours, to play non-stop and without any worries.

Warning: the LED light should not be aimed at the cat’s eyes as it could damage its health.

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