Not Sure What Makes The Best Large Litter Box? Educate Yourself On The Front Runners!

Automation seems to target anything today and cat litter boxes make no exception either. Modern boxes come with automatic cleaning mechanisms, which clean the waste at a particular period of time by themselves. They are extremely easy to use since you only need to clear an internal and closed recipient of waste every once in a while. Moreover, you have to refill them sometimes. This is pretty much it. Whether you spend a lot of time away from home or you simply dislike grabbing waste yourself, this box can do everything for you with no problems at all.

Finding the best large litter box can be quite challenging though. It is a paradox for cat owners. You do not want this litter box to occupy a lot of room, yet the bigger it is, the more your cat will enjoy it. Cats are like humans – they dislike eliminating in filthy areas. Luckily, with self cleaning litter boxes, this is no longer a problem. As long as the box can accommodate your cat, there is nothing else to worry about. Just pay attention to the usage instructions and respect them in small details. But what are the most attractive models out there? What should you expect from them?


Product Rating Price
CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box 4.1/5 $$$
ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box 3.9/5 $$
SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box 3.1/5 $$$
Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box 3.5/5 $
Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box 3.0/5 $$

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Developed by one of the leading manufacturers of cat related products, this model can stand up in the crowd due to its futuristic shape. It looks like an actual toilet, only it is designed for cats. It may look a little sophisticated at a first glance, but your pet will get used to it in no time.

Working : The futuristic toilet for cats is the only self flushing and washing litter box in the world. You will never need to touch, collect or buy litter in your life. The secret is in the washable granules, which perfectly imitate litter. Forget about emptying litter recipients, washing them or carrying the waste out. No dust, unpleasant odors and germs are involved. Apart from washing, the box also sanitizes itself.

Cleaning cycle : CatGenie’s cat box is one of the best large litter box choices on the market due to the activation choices. The basic program consists of 14 hours of activity and 10 hours of sleep time. It is up to you to choose when it is on. There is a 30 minute delay too. Different programs can keep the litter box active round the clock, with not more than 10 minute delays after the cat uses it. Choosing the right program depends on how many cats you got.

Maintenance : No maintenance is needed, but just the initial installation and buying supplies every once in a while.

Suitability : The litter box is ideal for up to 3 cats. They should be at least 6 months old in order to be able to climb in and out.

Pros : No maintenance, self flushing and cleaning, self sanitation, washable biodegradable granules, provided supplies.

Cons : Plastic pellets might end up around the area, some cats may take more than just a few days to get used to it.

ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The ScoopFree litter box is self explanatory. It gives a cat the required level of privacy, but it also cleans by itself and ensures an odor free environment.

Working : This is the only litter box that relies on disposable litter trays. You do not have to touch, see or smell the waste. You can leave it there for weeks with no problems at all. Take it out, get rid of it, install a new box and the unit looks brand new. Disposable litters are easy to find in commerce.

Cleaning cycle : The disposable litter box is cleaned 20 minutes after the cat leaves the box. If it comes back, the timer resets. The same goes if you have more cats, only to ensure that they are not exposed to any risks at all.

Maintenance : The only maintenance required implies taking the full tray out, getting rid of it and putting a new one in. It takes a few seconds and it can be done at every few weeks. Cleaning the unit every once in a while might be needed if the cat does not have a perfect aim or its stool is soft.

Suitability : The litter box works excellent for 1, 3 or 10 cats. It makes no difference how many pets you have. Since it cleans up at 20 minutes after the cat leaves the box, the more cats you have, the more the waste will stay in there.

Pros : Additional hood for privacy, adjustable rake, health counter, disposable litter trays, large trays that can accommodate waste for weeks.

Cons : Can get stinky within 20 minutes, requires disposable ScoopFree trays.

SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The SmartScoop litter box might be the best large litter box in your cat’s vision, especially due to the innovative design.

Working : The automatic litter box uses a rake, which moves from one side to another and grabs the waste clumps. It also has a sensor, so it does not move if a cat is in. The clumps are then deposited in a small trash bag.

Cleaning cycle : Not more than 15 minutes are allowed after a cat uses the litter box. If you have more cats and a different one chooses to eliminate, the timer will reset by its own. Therefore, cleaning operations might be delayed according to how many cats you have.

Maintenance : Grabbing and disposing the waste bag is the only maintenance required. Sometimes, a little cleaning might be needed if the cat eliminates close to the side and does not have a good aim. Parts are also removable.

Suitability : The self cleaning litter box works for more cats too. However, more cats may delay the rake cleaning timer, so the odors might spread around.

Pros : Fast cleaning, self resetting timer, high safety standards, removable parts, hygienic disposable bags, 6 month supplies and accessories, ramp for old cats with mobility issues.

Cons : Requires scrapping the bottom occasionally.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Pet Zone’s release is probably the best large litter box judging by the sturdy and quality construction. It is rugged and comes with a powerful motor for cleaning operations.

Working : Smart Scoop has an automatic movement based on sensor. It senses when cats go in and out, then adjusts its cleaning timers automatically. It has a quiet, yet powerful motor operating the rake.

Cleaning cycle : The built in sensors count 15 minutes since the cat has gotten out. Whether it comes back or you got more cats, the timer is automatically reset after each use, only for safety and efficiency. After all, the waste needs a little time to turn into clumps.

Maintenance : Since cats do not always aim in the middle, the edges may sometimes require cleaning. The modular construction makes cleaning a breeze. Scrapping the bottom may also be needed sometimes.

Suitability : The automatic litter box is excellent for 1 or more cats. Some people use one box for up to 7 or 8 cats. It is up to you to figure what their needs are.

Pros : Modular construction, quiet operation, easy maintenance, comes with no touch waste bags, one year warranty, self adjustable timer, no need to buy expensive crystals, but regular litter.

Cons : Might require manual raking if the cat eliminates too close to the edge or directly on the edge.


LitterMaid is rated to be one of the best large litter box products out there. It makes maintenance piece of cake with adjustable programs. It is ideal for those who spend a lot of time away from home, elders, pregnant women or those with physical mobility issues.

Working : The box automatically scoops the waste into a disposable and sealed bag. The carbon filter absorbs all the odors too. Apart from the classic program, the raking procedure can also be adjusted and programmed.

Cleaning cycle : The built in sensors activate at 10 minutes after the cat leaves the box. Since the box can be used for more cats, it will reset if another cat steps in. The rake can be manually operated at request too.

Maintenance : Maintenance is literally close to none. Unless the cat misses the target, you only need to clear the sealed bags and take them out. Sidewalls are tall to prevent litter scatter, yet they might require scrapping sometimes.

Suitability : The litter box is developed for multi cat households. It is specifically built for large cats that exceed 15lbs in weight.

Pros : Removable parts, carpeted ramp to prevent litter from being spread around, strong drive mechanism, tall sidewalls, plenty of accessories included.

Cons : Might feel noisy in the middle of the night.

As a short final conclusion, finding the best large litter box is not only a matter of addressing your cat’s size, but also about identifying the working mechanisms and figuring which one is more appropriate for your needs. Think about the number of cats you got, as well as the maintenance, pros and cons.