Best Outdoor Feeding Station for Cats

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There are as many stars in the night’s sky as there are reasons as to why we can’t stop loving our cats.

Whether we love them because of their cuteness, their independence, the warmth of their company or even because they help our bodies release oxytocin (thus making us fall more in love with them), this universal joy is shared by cat owners across the world.

However, though we all share this love, there is one single divisive question that lingers in every cat owner’s mind: should our cats be allowed to go outside, or should they be kept solely indoors?

While we won’t address this fiery debate directly, we strongly agree that depending on the breed and nature of your cat (e.g. Bombay, Cymric, Korat, Serengeti, Thai, Tiffanie), letting your cat roam free outside would ensure they experience a fair share of exercise, stimulation and ultimately engage with their natural behavior.

Ok so you’re convinced your cat should run free – now what? Well, for starters you should ensure they have a place to feed and drink. In other words, you need a feeding station!

Best Outdoor Feeding Station for Cats of 2020

That being said, you should realise that a feeding station is much more than merely a place for your cat to eat. It is a place where they will be able to rest, to hide, to be protected against harsh weather.

And even if you don’t own a cat but you live in an area where feral cats roam free, you could still get a feeding station if you worry about where they go during colder months and are concerned about them starving to death.

Now going back to our list, we’ve reviewed numerous outdoor feeding stations in the market for you so check out our list below to find a product that best suits your needs!

1. Petsfit 2-Story Weatherproof Outdoor Kitty Cat House

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House, 2 Story Outside Cat Shelter Condo...

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If you’re not too sure exactly what your cat prefers in an outdoor feeding station and you have the budget (and space!) for it, look no further.

Coming in asphalt grey and wine red, Petsfit’s 2-Story Outdoor Kitty Cat House offers an all-encompassing home outside the home for your dear companion that does so much more than your ordinary feeding station.

Composed out of sturdy cedarwood and coming with very generous dimensions (to accommodate either a very chubby or multiple cats!) of 20″ x 20″ x 32″, this beautifully crafted house will add positively to the aesthetic of anyone’s backyard or porch.

While it may look deceptively intricate to the eye, it is a breeze to assemble thanks to pre-drilled holes and specially cut pieces.

But wait! This product isn’t just a pretty face as it comes with a whole host of other functionalities.

First, this thing is built to withstand both the stresses of time and the elements, granted you properly maintain it. It is coated with a special water-based and rot-proof paint that won’t easily be scraped off by sharp claws or washed away by stormy weather – plus its chemicals are totally safe for pets.

Second, it comes with two floors: the first is designed as an enclosed space for sleep and protection against the weather and the second is designed as an open-air space if your cat wants a breath of fresh air.

It also sits slightly off the ground with its elevated platforming (close to 6-inches) which enables both insulation and good airflow throughout.

And finally, this product comes with two exits which allow for ease of entry for cats through its front door and a sneaky back door that allows for a quick getaway should the need arise.

2. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House

Petsfit Outdoor Cat House, Feral Cat Shelter Weatherproof,...

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If your cat is fine with something humbler in terms of their feeding station, you should consider Petsfit’s Weatherproof Outdoor/Indoor Pet House. Similar to the 2-Story variant, this house is also composed with a sturdy build of cedarwood and is kitted out with a weatherproof asphalt roof.

Likewise, the paint job is water-based which is both totally safe for your cat and protects the shelter against rot. It also comes in two colours, grey and a mixture of grey and green.

Now looking at the size of the house, you’ll be pleased to know that it is quite decent given its inner dimensions of 16″ x 20″ x 17″. This means that you’ll easily be able to house up to two lovely cats (or one very big one!) with relative ease.

Another big plus about this product is how the entire shelter comes with pre-drilled holes and detailed assembly instructions so setting it up for your cat will take no more than a few moments of your time. Conversely, it is just as easy to dismantle which makes for very pleasant and straightforward cleaning experience.

However, do take careful note that this house only comes with a single exit so if this is a deal-breaker for you, we suggest you look elsewhere on our list.

Additionally, some reports have noted one key problem: this shelter isn’t optimal for winter given its lack of proper insulation. So, to go about this problem, you will most definitely need to find external insulation to keep your cat warm and cosy during those cold months!

3. Precision Pet by Petmate Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin Large 45.5 in. x 33 in. x...

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Now before you look at as us weirdly, we totally stand by our decision to include a doghouse of all things on our list! Though this is a deceptively simple and plain looking log cabin house, do not be fooled – quality can be found on every minute detail here.

With solid wood and stainless-steel build, this house may be one of the sturdiest we’ve ever seen and will easily last for the long years to come. However, though it may be composed of steel, it still is extremely lightweight!

Furthermore, it is coated with a pet-safe coating that protects the house from both water and rot. Complementing this, the shingled, slanted roof also allows water to flow away from the roof which prevents any unnecessary build-up in moisture.

It even comes with adjustable feet which means you can prop this house up on any surface, be it even or uneven. 

Now when we look at its more-than-generous dimensions of 45.5” x 33” x 32.8” inches we are explicitly reminded that this product was built specifically with a dog’s mind. This translates to a lot of legroom for your cat!

However, while we love this product, it isn’t perfect. You should consider how it has only one single, door-less entrance and how it isn’t insulated at all so colder months will be a challenge for you and your cat.

Also, numerous reports have noticed that the house can be broken by stronger dog breeds (e.g. Mastiffs and Rottweilers) but we don’t think this will be a big issue with cats!

4. Trixie Pet Products (Cat Home)

TRIXIE Pet Products 2-Story Cat Cottage, Brown/White

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Now going back into the more ‘luxurious’-looking range of cat homes, Trixie Pet Products offers a stylish and dashing 2-story option for cats. This product is equipped with all sorts of amenities your cat will undoubtedly appreciate.

From its beautifully crafted plastic-paned windows to let in natural light to its hinged shutters and even its porch and perch for your pet to relax upon, any cat is going to have a field day with this home!

This thing isn’t just on our list for its good looks, however. It has been carefully built with specially chosen CARB Phase II wood that is both non-toxic for pets and is very durable.

It even is weather treated, which translates to a weatherproof construction that protects both your cat and the shelter against rain and snow. This means that just like the other products on our list, this home can easily last for years to come provided you give it proper care.

On that note, much like Petsfit’s products on our list, Trixie’s Cat Home is designed to be placed slightly off the ground which both prevents annoying insects and rot from seeping in and allows for proper ventilation and cooling throughout the house.

The options available in terms of sizes are also numerous – coming with a whole host of different sizes with the smallest having dimensions of 16.5” x 15.75” x 20” inches and the largest standing at 30.7” x 21.7” x 29.5” inches.

Regardless, all these options will be extremely comfortable for your pet (provided you pick an appropriate one based on the size of your cat!) and with multiple stories, they will enjoy prowling about their newfound home.

Another key feature is its front door with can be fitted with plastic flaps that help keep the elements out along with its second, side door that ensures your cat can make a quick getaway if a predator were to wander in. 

5. CozyCatFurniture Small Outdoor Feeding Station for Pets

CozyCatFurniture Small Outdoor Feeding Station for Pets or...

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Now moving to the last shelter on our list, we turn our attention once again towards more simpler homes for your furry companion.

Again, we emphasize that though it may look simple, it is perfectly capable of protecting your feline from rain, hail and snow.

First, looking at its construction you may notice a similar trend on our list. It is once again composed with natural cedar which is the perfect option by far for a material that is both robust and long-lasting.

Second, much like Petsfits houses, all you need is a power screwdriver and along with the easy to follow instructions, you’ll be able to assemble the house within 15 minutes without much difficulty! You can thank it’s simple yet intuitive design for that.

And third, ironically, while the word ‘cosy’ is in the producer’s name, you’ll find that your cat will be able to more than just stretch out their weary limbs and have a bite to eat after a day of play.

With the feeding stations exterior dimensions checking out at 24” x 19” x 18” and its internal dimensions of 17.5” x 14.5”, you’ll easy be accommodate multiple felines with this option.

Four Things to Consider about Outdoor Feeding Stations


Obviously, with your feeding station being located outdoors in places like your garden or porch, it will ultimately be exposed to a variety of weather conditions.

Whether it be days of intense heat or whether it rains cats and dogs (so to speak) you need to ensure the material of your feeding station can withstand all of this. Accordingly, keep your eye out for anything durable such as high-quality plastic or metal-based stations!


Going hand-in-hand with durability, where you choose to place your outdoor feeding station will directly impact how long it lasts. Feeding stations can definitely be durable in terms of construction and the material used but never forget this – they aren’t all designed specifically as shelters for your furry companion.

Just keep a careful eye out on exactly what can and what can’t your station do, and you’ll be set.


Food is food after all so though you may exclusively fill your feeding station with cat food, don’t be surprised if you find other critters munching away!

From birds to insects to squirrels, you may find every living creature in your backyard having a bite of your cat’s nutritious meal before they do. One way to avoid this is by regularly cleaning the station so something easily disassembled would be ideal for this.


Having two doors is a crucial safety feature for any feeding station or shelter. The use of a main, front door goes without saying but having a second exit door can be essential for your cat to escape from vicious predators who may wander in looking for a furry snack (this includes foxes and wild dogs).

Single entrances could be appropriate if the door is specifically designed for this in mind, but this heavily depends on the product so do your homework prior to purchasing for the sake of your cat!

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