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Best Dry Food for Kittens

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One of the biggest dilemmas, especially of new cat owners, is which type of food to use in this delicate period of their development. It is true that if you find a small kitten on the street and take it home, you may find yourself lacking suitable food, but if the arrival of a new kitten is planned, then it …

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Best Cat Pipettes

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Pipettes are tubes filled with liquids, chemical or natural, to help your cat deal with pests. They are efficient elements to prevent or eliminate fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes as well as intestinal worms and other similar parasites. Pipettes are a great ally to help you protect the health of your pet. There are different types of pipettes with various functionalities. And it is …

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Best Cat Ear Cleaners of 2020

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Taking proper care of your cat is crucial when it comes to both maintaining their health and dealing with the inevitable pile of veterinarian bills. Nowhere is this more applicable than when it comes to your cat’s ear health. Cats tend to come into contact with a whole range of unsafe things. This includes ticks, sharp strands of grass, mites, …