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Personal experience, as well as dozens of studies, have shown that owning a cat or several cats has positive consequences on the owner’s mental health and even mental development, particularly in small children.

Further than that, cats are extremely independent creatures so they will not pester you, seeking attention or requiring special care. In fact, owning a cat is no more troublesome than owning a plant, except that, when you want to snuggle, the cat is much more useful.

The only difference is that, with a cat, you need to worry about cleaning its litter box, and that is enough for some people to give up on the whole project.

The good news is that we have found some of the best automatic litter boxes on the market and have created individual, in depth reviews, for each one.

Now, you really can enjoy owning a cat, without having to worry about any of the messy side effects.

Best Automatic Litter Box If Price Is Not an Issue

Litter-Robot Cats Litter Box III 3 Open Air DFI Hardware

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After we have talked so much about what we need to see in an automatic litter box to even take it into consideration, you should not be at all surprised that our top choice is the Litter Robot III Open-Air .

It is a very fancy, futuristic looking litter box, and it scores very high on every aspect we would look for when making our choice.

For one, it is a corded device so you can just set it up and forget about it. Second, is the way it deals with the solid matters in the sand. It spins around the entire inside kitty litter and it strains away any pieces of clothed sand or actual poo, depositing them in a tidy little plastic bag.

How often you change the bag is really up to you and, of course, the size of your cat, but you can comfortably expect to get at least a week of trouble free use out of it.

The biggest concern we had with it was the sensor telling the machine that the cat is still in it, but we were quite impressed to see that, even if the kitty took a nap in the sandbox, so it stayed virtually unmoved for several hours, the self-cleaning action did not kick in.

Litter-Robot Cats Litter Box III 3 Open Air DFI Hardware
  • Replacement DFI Hardware for your Litter-Robot 3
  • Compatible with Litter-Robot 3 only

The biggest advantage of using the Litter Robot III is the fact that it churns the litter so you do not have to waste half of it, once it get too full. Instead, you can just keep adding litter when necessary, and take out the poopy bag once it is full. The carbon filter on this automatic litter box is by far the best one we have ever seen so it is well worth having it for that feature alone.

Finally, we were absolutely blown away by the fact that you get a 90 days, that is almost 3 months, money back guarantee. So you can be sure that, if your cat does not like it at first, there is no way for you to get her to start liking it, or, if she does like it at first, she will not get bored with it and switch back to the regular kitty litter.

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Best Automatic Litter Box Overall / For the Money

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Disposable Tray – Purple Covered

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The only real problem we have with the Litter Robot is the fact that, for all the great features it has, it is still a pretty expensive automatic litter box. And that is where the ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box comes in.

It costs nearly half the price of the Litter Robot, and it does pretty much the same job. It uses an automatic system to scoop all solids into a separate container, and it comes with its own Fresh Step crystals that do an excellent job out of absorbing odors on their own, even without the scooping action.

The obvious disadvantage here is the fact that you have to buy the ScoopFree litter box with the Fresh Step crystals each time, you cannot change to a more affordable litter and just take advantage of the raking system.

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Automatic with Disposable Tray – Purple Covered
  • AUTOMATICALLY REMOVES WASTE: No scooping, cleaning or refilling your cat's litter box for weeks
  • UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL:  Crystal litter removes smell by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste
  • NO MORE MESSY FLOORS:  Low tracking crystals are 99 percent dust free and don’t stick to your cat’s paws; a hooded cover helps keep kitty litter inside the box
  • LEAK PROTECTION:  Disposable trays have plastic lining to help protect against leaking and keep your floors clean
  • EASY CLEANUP:  Simply remove the tray and throw it away; each tray includes a lid for quick disposal

Also the hood under which the solids are raked, does not have a carbon filter, or any kind of filter for that matter, so you are relying entirely on the Fresh Step crystals. They are quite good, but still, we would have really liked to have a filtration system in place there just so as to keep every last bit of smell contained in the box.

However, the good news is that, as long as you are willing to use their system entirely, you only need to change the box every 2 weeks or even longer, for an average size cat, and the raking system is very well put together and thoroughly tested to last you for many years on end.

The other important thing to remember is that, with the ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box, you also get a 90 day money back guarantee, and they will even pay for the return shipping.

Of course, since this looks and feels identical to a regular litter box, there is no reason why you cat should not take to it from the first day.

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Best Automatic Litter Box on a Budget

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic, Works with Clumping Cat Litter

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Of course, we would all like to spend as little as possible on dealing with our cat’s litter, so, if you have a particularly good cat, you may get away with just buying the PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box , which is the most affordable automatic litter box we could find that still does a pretty good job.

In fact, it has several advantages over the ScoopFree litter box, in that you can use any type of litter you want, even regular sand, it has a conveyor system that takes the solids into a bag and leaves the litter clean, so you only need to add a little bit every week or so, and you can use any old grocery bag to collect the waste and neatly through it away.

Obviously, though, there are some disadvantages, like the fact that the entire litter base is constantly moving. It will do a full resolution in one hour, so you would have to just sit there and stare at it to even notice that it is moving, but, if your cat is a bit sensitive, she might just shy away from this particular litter box.

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic, Works with Clumping Cat Litter
  • Self cleaning litter box that reduces odor with no scooping and no mess
  • Easy to set up, use, and clean. Low power consumption
  • Uses less clumping litter than traditional litter boxes
  • Waste bin can be lined with recycled bags for an easy cleanup
  • 1 year warranty. 6 foot cord plugs into standard wall outlet

Also, the poopy tray is not behind a carbon filter, so you will need to buy a good quality smell absorbing litter, and even then there will be the regular smell you get from a conventional litter box. The only real advantage is the fact that you do not have to deal with the cat waste, and you can just change the bag every day so that your home will smell nice and fresh.

We also found the litter box itself to be a somewhat on the small size, so your cat needs to be a standard, lean sized cat to be able to use the PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box in a comfortable matter.

And, to make matters worse, you do not get a money back guarantee in case you cat does not like the system, so you need to really know your cat and be aware of the size constrictions before you buy.

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Honorable Mention

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

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The last honorable mention we are going to make in our search for the best automatic litter box is the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box . It is somewhat more expensive than our budget and even best overall choices, but it uses a synthetic litter that does not need to be changed. Instead the CatGenie cleans, washes, dries and aerates the existing litter.

Its biggest advantage is the fact that several cats can use it. It was designed to be used for up to 3 regular sized cats, but, as long as you start the cleaning process by yourself, there is no reason why even more cats could not use it.

Still the CatGenie would not be our first or even second choice because the cleaning process does aerate some of those odors, so you will need to place the entire litter in the toilet or in a very well aerated area. You also have to connect it to your water and drain plugs, besides an electric outlet.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box
  • Automatic cat box flushes waste away and washes itself clean
  • Uses litter-like Washable Granules not clay litter to satisfy cats need to dig and cover
  • Ideal for 1-2 & no more than 3 cats of average size and 6 months or older
  • Requires hookup to cold water and electrical outlet
  • Includes recyclable SaniSolution cartridge and 1 Box of Washable Granules. CatGenie is 19.25inches wide in front, 16inches wide bottom back, 17.5inches top back, 21inches high, 24.5inches deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8feet long, Drain Hose 10feet long

The good news is that by doing all of that you actually do not need to plug ever worry about seeing, touching or handling in any way any of the cat’s waste. The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box neatly drains away any liquids and then scoops and liquefies the solids before flushing them away. It uses a cat safe soap to thoroughly wash the litter and then perfectly dries it off.

The most astute of you will have noticed, though, that you do have to spend money regularly to buy the soap and the fact remains that the CatGenie uses a lot more power than any of the other systems we have talked about.

So at the end of the day you are not really saving any money by not having to ever change the litter, but you do get a system that can be used by as many cats as you may have and that deals with the problem of the constant smell in a pretty original way.

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Why You Should Use an Automatic Litter Box

There are several great reasons why you should use an automatic litter box, besides the obvious one where you do not need to handle kitty poo. One of the most important ones has to do with the fact that cats are incredibly clean animals and they need to feel clean and have a clean environment in order to be happy and playful.

So, obviously, if they have to go time and again in the same place and cover new poo with old one, they will not feel very comfortable.

The advantage with the automatic litter boxes we have featured here is that they have a sensor telling them when the cat has “visited” the litter, and they will use some type of system to keep the sand clean.

The other thing that nobody talks about is that, even though regular smell absorbing sand does a pretty good job of not letting the worst of the smell pollute your home, there will always be a scent telling everyone, the moment the enter the door, that there is a cat in the house.

Here the great advantage of using an automatic litter box is that, by dragging away all the smelly composites, and tucking them away inside the box itself, you get a much fresher and cleaner air in the rest of your house.

Finally, you should also consider the fact that, by using an automatic cleaning process to separate the sand from the poo, you actually get to use the same sand box for longer periods of time, so after the first year of use you will have made back most of the money you had spend on the litter box itself.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Automatic Litter Box

There are several aspects that are very important to consider when purchasing an automatic litter box. For one thing, most of them need to be plugged in, and that is great because you do not have to worry about them losing power over time or buying new batteries.

On the other hand, though, if you are constantly one the move, or if you have a summer cottage that does not have power, you may want to buy one of the battery operated automatic litter boxes out there.

A more important aspect to consider is how you are supposed to actually get rid of all that dirty sand. The best automatic litter boxes, in our opinion, are the ones that separate the dirt from the sand and you can just clean that away, allowing you to use whatever type of sand or gravel you like.

However, there are other boxes where you never have to even think about the waste, because all you have to do is change the actual litter box for a new one.

You are basically doing the same thing, which is throwing waste away, but with our second choice, you do not have to think about it. As far as you are concerned, you are just changing one box for another.

Finally, as silly as it may sound, you need to take your cat’s preferences into consideration. Granted, not everyone can know if their cat will like one litter box or another, but you can usually tell if your cat has an adventures nature and would like to explore a new, fancy looking litter box, or if she would rather be left alone to her own devices, and would enjoy only standard looking litter box.

However, the great thing is that some of the best automatic litter boxes come with a 60 day money back guarantee where, if you cat does not like the litter box, you can simply return it and either return to the classic method of dealing with things, or you can buy a different automatic litter box.