How To Clean a Cat Who is Afraid of Water

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Cats are known to be afraid of water. Is this an absolute truth? The answer is no. Feline animals are not afraid of water, they respect it. Indeed, the transparent liquid impresses them more than anything and ends up intimidating them. It is for this reason that when approaching a puddle, cats are numerous to go around.

A popular belief continues to emerge: cats are afraid of water. This is an unverified fact and yet affects many people. Rest assured: it is possible to wash a cat that does not smell good, just as it is possible to play with water for your cat! Haven’t you ever seen a cat play with bathtub or tap water?

In this article, we will focus on bathing and animals like cats that are afraid of water.

Why is a cat afraid of water?

We have written a very comprehensive article on the subject. You can find it on the blog. Overall, cats are afraid of water because water impresses them. Just seeing your reflection in the puddle is intimidating for the animal. This is also one of the reasons that will push the cat to avoid this material as much as possible.

The cat may also be afraid of water because he doesn’t like the feel. Cats are very clean and adhere to respectable hygiene, much more than you might think. They spend a lot of time during the day licking each other to find the right hygiene. The coat will never be dirty and the slightest little exit or even a caress will “force” the cat to clean itself in its mind.

How to wash a cat who is afraid of water?

The fear of water is a problem for owners who want to clean the cat that does not smell good or has tangles in its coat. To avoid it, it is best to take the necessary time to properly maintain your dress.

The hair of the animal must be nice, clean and shiny. The cat will not try to scratch or wash too frequently. To do this, it will be decisive to carry out these two actions:

  • brushing,
  • the bath.

In either case, it is strongly recommended that the cat is used to it. If you have a kitten, now is the best time to get her used to all of these actions. He will not be afraid in the future.


Brushing the dog is a nice thing to do. This is a time when the cat knows that you are exclusively for them. He’ll enjoy being the center of your attention.

Brushing is an action that removes all the knots that naturally form in your hair. Specimens with long hairs are particularly concerned by this step. The longer the hair, the more knots will be formed!

It is essential to take knot formation seriously. Indeed, during their toilet the cats can swallow balls of hair which will not be digested. Disorders of digestion and stomach will take place. It is better that this does not happen.

Finally, by brushing the cat frequently, you will not have big molts and hair loss inside the house, which is not nothing!

The baths

These are times the cat can dread. If this is not the case and the cat is used to it, we will not exceed 2 to 4 baths per year under penalty of weakening it. Its coat is naturally protected against the cold and external weather.

The step to get the cat used to the water is not complicated. It is advisable to do this when they are young. At this age, they are able to take in and learn new things very regularly. This is a real plus!

The first step will be to get the cat used to being in the room where you will be washing. Afterwards, you will be able to clean his eyes, ears and inspect him in its entirety. Then you will use the water and drop a few drops on it and observe its reaction. You have to go gradually, until the animal gains confidence. If he is afraid and flees, there is no problem. Leave him and when he comes back to you, offer him a treat to reassure him and reduce his state of stress which must be total at home.

To get the cat used to water, don’t be surprised if the process takes a long time… It’s perfectly normal! However, if that doesn’t work, there is another method available.

Our solution is to use a dry shampoo. It is a very practical solution. It is applied directly to the cat and the owner will have to rub it gently so as not to irritate the cat, and it will be clean. There is no need to go through a water rinsing step, which is great for cats who are scared of water.

It is not uncommon to come across a cat who is afraid of water. These are things that happen more or less often. In this case, you have to be patient or use our second method that we use at home and which has brought us excellent results.

Dry shampoo is also available for dogs, if you ever have a dog that is afraid of water or you are going on vacation and want to clean it. Cats who travel will definitely appreciate the dry shampoo!

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