How to Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water

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How to encourage your cat to drink more water? This is a problem that comes up frequently… It must be said that kidney and bladder problems are quite common among our cat friends, who are not always heavy drinkers… And yet, good hydration is very important for cats (as for all living beings in fact!). It must be said that in the “wild” state, cats also drink the blood of their prey… which is not necessarily obvious when you live in an apartment 😉 So how can you make your cat drink more?

How to make your cat drink more water?

Freshwater for your cat

First of all, it is essential to offer fresh water to your cat every day! The water in the bowls should be changed once or several times a day. Cats like well-oxygenated water, so the more it is renewed, the better!

Several spots to drink

Arrange several bowls in the house, so that your cat has a choice, depending on his daily routines! If your cat doesn’t drink much, he’ll need to be titillated a little… so don’t hesitate to change the bowls from time to time, it will arouse his curiosity! A swig here and a swig there, that’s what 😉 is all about!

Different containers!

In the same way, you can put water in different containers: a cup, a mug, a salad bowl, etc. Sometimes it’s enough that the container is not his traditional bowl for it to arouse his curiosity and he starts drinking! Water in a glass on the coffee table? it’s won 7 times out of 10!

A water fountain

Water fountains allow water to be a little more oxygenated. The pleasant sound of the water can also encourage the cat to go and taste it a little more frequently! And if your cat loves to drink from the tap, he will (normally) love the water fountain!

That’s right because it’s not easy to let the water flow all day long… not to mention that during the vacations, it’s annoying! That’s why a water cooler is a perfect accessory for your cat! Personally, one of my cats swore by the faucet, and since I opted for the water cooler, he doesn’t ask for the faucet anymore and drinks well several times a day 🙂

Here is the model that conquered me! This is the Drinkwell Avalon model from Petsafe. No naughty engine noise, just the soft relaxing sound of flowing water, I love it, and my three cats too!

Different materials for cat bowls or fountains

The material of the bowl can also have an influence on the propensity to go drinking… Yes, cats have their preferences here too: porcelain, stainless steel, glass, plastic. It can play! Put several bowls made of different materials, and note if one of them empties emptier than the other!

Ice cubes in the cat’s water

Especially on sunny days, putting two or three ice cubes in the bowl may encourage your cat to drink a little more. Once again, we play on his curiosity, on stimulation, and on top of that, on freshness!

Dampness in your cat’s food

A little swill every day will bring your cat a water supplement, not negligible! On the other hand, be careful with the milk: if your cat digests it well, why not dilute a little milk with water, otherwise, watch out for diarrhea! For tuna juice, beware of salt! keep these options as a last resort.

ATTENTION: If your cat is drinking too much, or if he is lowering his bowls at high speed, then talk to your veterinarian, it could be an indicator of an illness!

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