How To Get Your Cat Used To a New Litter Box

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Whether it’s a question of budget, efficiency, or even odors, you have decided to change the type of litter box your cat has. But it is not sure that this initiative will please your feline … Indeed, cats are just as difficult when it comes to litter as they are when it comes to food. Plus, they hate change. Fortunately, there are a few tips to make the transition go smoothly!

1. Use the same litter box

If in addition to changing the litter box, you also change your cat’s litter box, this could prove to be particularly stressful for them. Indeed, your feline does not support having its little habits upset. So it is better not to turn everything upside down at once, at the risk that he will start to do his business out of his litter box. It is therefore wiser to always make only one change at a time .

So leave your cat’s litter box as it is and in the same place as before and wait a few weeks, or even months, before changing it.

2. Mix the old litter with the new one

change too suddenly litter may upset your cat. Thus, prefer to gradually introduce the new litter into its environment. This will allow it to slowly get used to its smell and texture. As when changing food, in short!

To do this, start by mixing 1/4 of new litter with 3/4 of old litter. Then, a few days later, go to 1/2, then 2/3 until completely replacing the old litter with the new one. All over a fortnight , or even a month depending on your cat’s reactions!

And if at any point your cat seems upset by these changes, don’t hesitate to back down and wait a little longer before increasing the amount of new litter even more.

3. Add your excrement

In order to make the new litter box more attractive to your cat, do not hesitate to insert some of its excrement and urine from the previous cleaning into it.

Indeed, your feline will be able to identify this waste as being his own. And as a territorial animal , it will likely feel more comfortable defecating there.

4. Reward him

As with any new learning, it is absolutely essential to reward your cat each time they use their new litter box. Indeed, at first he may need your approval and encouragement to get out of his comfort zone and force himself to defecate in this new environment. So don’t skimp on caresses and sweets!

On the other hand, if your cat refuses to use his new litter box, know that it is useless to scold him . On the contrary, it would make things worse and make him associate this new litter with a negative feeling .

If none of these methods work and your cat can’t get used to their new litter box, you may need to consider keeping the old litter box or changing the brand of litter box.

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