How To Get Your Cat Used To Its Carrier?

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It is sometimes a pain without a name to bring my cat into his transport case! So we run after him, the cat is stressed, and of course, that does not help to be on time at the vet! Why does he hate it so much, and how do you get your cat used to the carry bag?

Why does your cate hate the transport bag?

One of the reasons your cat hates the carry bag is often because he associated it with torture. Yes, the crate is stored in the cellar, or at the top of a cupboard, and we only take it out to go to the vet… where it may not be fun…! He is all in a panic, depositing a lot of odors and stress pheromones inside, and when you come home, hop you put the box back in the back of the garage! Result: when you take out the carry bag, your cat smells and remembers what it means! Hence the hassle to encourage him to come back!

So we have several factors here: the negative association of the object itself with something unpleasant and persistent odors/pheromones that stress it out from the start.

How to get your cat used to the carrying bag?

Rest assured there are some silly techniques to calm the situation down and make things go much better (and that you don’t need to apologize for being late at the vet!)

Choosing the right transport bag for your cat

First of all, be sure to buy a bag or transport case of the right size! We are tempted, when we adopt a kitten, to take a smaller box, yes but… the kitten grows quickly! So you have to quickly buy a new bag of a respectable size so that your cat does not feel suffocated inside. It should technically be able to stand inside, that gives you a little idea.

Clean your cat’s transport crate

Do you already have problems, and don’t have the budget to change your transport bag directly? It does not matter! Wash your current bag well with hot water and baking soda and soap. If it’s washer-safe, go ahead! In this way, it will remove the odors and stress pheromones permeated inside.

Leave the transport bag lying around

Yes yes, you read me correctly: leave the bag lying around in the living room or in the bedroom. Thus, your cat will come across this object several times a day, and in doing so, will deposit there, voluntarily or not, his odors! And then the bag will take on the normal and reassuring smells of the house as well. This is already enough to relax your little feline!

Transform the cat’s transport box into a cozy corner

To make your cat associate the transport bag with something pleasant, you can use several stratagems!

A cozy throw

Put his blanket or a cozy blanket in the bag, so that he wants to come and take a nap in it. Well in the middle of summer it is possible that he favors the ground rather than the plaid, but that’s okay, he will see it as a possibly pleasant corner anyway!


Don’t hesitate to slip a treat from time to time in the bag, or at the entrance of the cash register. Another option: serve him his mash at the entrance of the transport crate, or even inside.


If your cat has a favorite toy, put it in it, he will come and get it. You can also make your cat play by making him jump over the carrying bag, or even enter it to catch that damn red dot!

By doing all this, and by being patient (yes it does not happen in two days!), your cat will no longer see the carrying bag as a horror object, but as a quiet corner. The goal, to use the expression of one of my colleagues, is for this transport box to become his home outside of his house! Or a cozy and reassuring corner, to face the outside with more serenity

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