How To Help Your Cat During a Heatwave

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How to help your cat during the heat wave? This is a question we ask ourselves when we tire ourselves quickly in the overwhelming heat! If like me you are looking by all means to refresh yourself, with a lot of showers, ice cream, cold drinks and a fan, you are probably also wondering how to help our little cats to manage the heat wave?

How do cats feel the heat?

You should know that cats tolerate high temperatures much better than us. In addition, their normal temperature is 38 ° -38.5 ° (which would be considered a fever for us!), So they have a higher tolerance threshold than ours. Unlike us, cats don’t sweat (or a little between the ears and the pads). They regulate their temperature by panting, although most of the time we only see them when they have just made a significant effort. 

Often in summer, or during a heatwave, cats put their bodies at rest to maintain their temperature: they sleep more than usual, run less than usual (or for a shorter time), in short they listen to each other and they have good right!

However, small things will allow our cat to better cope with the hot summer weather!

How to help your cat in the event of a heat wave?

Some water!

Yes, as for us, it is essential for our little cats to stay hydrated, especially in the middle of a heat wave. But wanting to wet your cat with cold water and place it near the fan to cool off (as it is so pleasant for us) is the best way to make him fall ill… that would be a shame, right?

Instead, here’s what you can do:

Have plenty of water bowls

You have to put it in several places in the house, with the possibility of course of pouring water directly from the fridge!

What I also do: ice cubes in the bowls; in addition to refreshing the water, it stimulates them calmly and freshly, and that is not negligible!

The water fountain

The water fountain is also a good way to stimulate the thirst of our dear ones; the sound of flowing water and the fact that it is constantly renewed and oxygenated is often a pleasure for them!

In addition, with the fountain, if you go on weekends or on vacation, you will know that there will be plenty of water available for your cat and that he will not risk spilling it as it could be. case with a single bowl.

Leave a bottom of cold water in the bathtub or in a basin

Some cats will undoubtedly like to lap it up for a few sips, and / or to soak their paws, by trying to catch a ping pong ball for example .
Besides, it’s an interesting thing to offer in general because it stimulates cats and can awaken their fishing instinct. Of course, if some cats will be delighted by this initiative, others on the contrary will not touch it at all … once again, it depends on their character, their tastes!

Offer wet food

By offering a little mash in jelly or sauce, or even a little tuna juice, your cat will hydrate himself a little more. (and all the more so if you have a cat who usually drinks little or is ill).


Once again, even if they manage better than us, a little freshness will not hurt them, on the contrary. Here are some tips:

A fan that runs quietly

The fan, or an air fan will bring the cat that little breath that is so good for us too! But don’t leave the fan running when you’re not at home! And do not force your cat to sleep underneath either: if it does not go, it means that it does not want to!

Give them access to cooler rooms

If you have a cooler room at home, give them good access, sometimes the cat likes to lie down in the middle of the tiles, or a well insulated garage for example!

Respect their rest

As usual I want to say, don’t make him play like crazy during the heatwave, and if he sleeps, as always, we let him sleep! in short, just let it manage.

A refreshing blanket

These blankets can bring a little more comfort! Yes it does exist! Well on the sites it is marked that it is a product for dogs, but why could our little felines not benefit from it? 

A glove of cool water

You can pass a glove of fresh (but not ice-cold !!) water, wrung out, over his little body, if he seems to be in too much pain. But I insist on the fact that the water should not be ice cold! We bet more on lukewarm water than too cold!

Small + especially for indoor cats!

Do you also close your shutters to keep a semblance of coolness in your house or apartment during the heat wave? So remember to open them in the morning and in the evening so that your cats can still observe the outside! It’s already hot, if in addition they can no longer look outside … they risk sinking into depression! (Yes… the other day I lived in a cave all day and my cats were in a bad mood… normal…)

How to help the cat to manage the heat wave when he goes outside?

If your cat spends most of his time outdoors, he will probably have found cool places. But do not hesitate to leave him bowls of water (even basins!) In various places.

If you manage her outings, avoid taking your cat out between 12 and 4 p.m.

If it isn’t already, consider the microchip recognition cat flap, so it can come in and cool down without having to wait for your attention. 

Protect your cat from the heat wave in the car?

Use a well ventilated box (we avoid obstructing the openings what) and put the air conditioning! If you don’t have A / C then simply open the windows to create a draft. Take breaks every 2 hours and offer fresh water. (and don’t forget to hydrate yourself too !). In the case of the air conditioning, it is lowered by a few degrees 10 minutes before stopping to avoid too much temperature difference.

Obviously we do not open the cash register once at a standstill: we take the time to put on a harness and a leash so that it does not slip through our paws BEFORE opening the doors! And if you take it out, hold the leash firmly !! likewise, make sure that the harness is not too loose so that the cat does not come loose! 

Cat and heat wave: when to be alarmed?

Warning ! If your cat is panting too hard, too frequently, too long, laboriously, if he is very listless, if he loses his appetite, loses his thirst, if he no longer eliminates … you should be concerned and consult your veterinarian !! A cat that does not eliminate for 24 hours is in danger!

You must also be vigilant if you have a purebred cat such as the Persian or the exotic shorthair for example, who will experience more breathing difficulties. And as for us, we pay attention to our old cats, sick cats and kittens ^^

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