How To Teach My Cat To Use The Toilet

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When you adopt a cat, you change and clean the litter box regularly. However, this chore is often very demanding, no matter how much you love your kitten. Some owners have even decided to adopt a radical solution by teaching their cats to relieve themselves in the toilet! At first glance, the idea seems completely crazy, and yet it is perfectly feasible. You just have to know how to do it properly, but above all, you have to be patient… very patient.

It is necessary to proceed step by step

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to teach complex tricks to your cat. The process is just much longer and more tedious than with a dog because cats often tend to be more stubborn and hard of hearing. So in order to encourage her to abandon her litter box in favor of the toilet, her education must be done gradually. You will have to proceed step by step and gently.

  • Start by placing your cat’s litter box right next to the toilet.
  • Then give your cat time to get used to the new location.
  • Gradually raise the litter box to the height of the toilet bowl by installing it on booties.
  • The closer the tray is to the level of the toilet, the more you remove the granules inside.
  • Once at the right height, gradually install the litter on the toilet.
  • Continue to remove the granules until only a thin layer remains at the bottom.
  • Then get down to business by replacing the litter with a “training box”.
  • This technique involves wedging wax paper between the toilet bowl and the toilet seat.
  • The paper should be taut and form a sort of drum, then pour some granules in.
  • As your cat adjusts to the training box, dig a hole in the wax paper, then gradually widen the hole until there is nothing left of the wax paper.
  • To encourage your cat to behave properly, reward it with a small treat every time you see it use the toilet properly.

Use a learning kit

Learning kits are a more fun alternative to wax paper. Litter Kwitter’s Cat Toilet Learning Kit is particularly effective in teaching your kitten to use the toilet. It is composed of 4 ring discs: three colored discs (red, orange, and green) and a white seat that you can clip on the toilet bowl.

The principle of use is about the same as for the waxed paper. You install the ring discs on the toilet bowl and pour some glitter on them. Then as your cat gets used to the tray, you remove the colored rings one by one until the bottom of the toilet is completely clear and your cat finally accepts his needs directly in it.

Recognized and used by many cat owners around the world, the Litter Kwitter training kit has already proven itself. The majority of testimonials are positive, some owners even claim to have succeeded in training their cat in only eight weeks!

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