Manual Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

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If you’re here, it’s because you’re in the process of conquering a new cat litter box that will allow you to get a quick and easy cleaning without constantly having to use a litter scoop. You also don’t intend to spend a lot of money and equip yourself with an automatic self-cleaning litter box. You are at the right place, in this section we try to offer you, models of self-cleaning bedding, much more accessible in terms of price. Not by any promotion but by a real alternative.

Manual self-cleaning litter box: The best alternative!


If you don’t have the budget for an automatic self-cleaning litter box, don’t worry, manufacturers also thought of you and created ingenious systems to use manually and not to leave you alone with your small shovel!

This chore of cleaning is not the most pleasant part of caring for your pet, it’s normal. It doesn’t smell good, it’s a long process, you have to bend down… You love that little ball of fur, but cleaning the litter box in the morning just before breakfast is no small or pleasant task…

Then if you don’t do it in the morning, the cat will spend the day holding back or he will put it everywhere because he will have lost patience and didn’t want to go to his dirty bin, because the smell can disturb him too, after all, he smells much better than you do!

So, I have decided to introduce you to simple litter systems that allow you to save time on litter cleaning without breaking the bank.

What is the principle of a manual self-cleaning litter?

The principle is as simple as for an automatic self-cleaning litter box. The box is equipped with a sieve which, by means of easy handling (pulling a handle or turning the box cover), allows the soiled litter to be separated from the clean litter.

With this type of self-cleaning litter, you will save time on the cleaning chore, which is highly simplified. After you’ve done the operation, you simply empty the receptacle with the soiled litter into the trash can.

In a manual self-cleaning litter box, there is a sieve which, with the rotation of the tray, allows the litter to be filtered so that the droppings remain in one part while the clean litter returns to its original place. Daily cleaning of the litter becomes child’s play to carry out.

When should I buy a self-cleaning cat litter?

Imagine you have to go on a business trip. You will be away for several days. With a manual self-cleaning cat litter, there is no need to worry because your loved ones will be happy to come and take care of your cat.

You simplify their task with a manual self-cleaning litter box! Many people have the idea of giving you a hand, but when faced with a full litter box, they will say “this is the last time! “And we understand them… It’s not pleasant enough when it’s our pet, so when it’s someone else’s pet… Unlike more basic litter boxes, you optimize time and energy when cleaning the litter box. Your loved ones will appreciate the effort!

Moreover, the price proposed on the web for Smartsift or Omega Paw type litters is very reasonable. The calculation is quite simple: a small investment to save time every day, you ensure the cleanliness of your cat or kitten’s washroom with simplicity and you save the chore for relatives who are likely to come and take care of your pet during your absence.

Manual self-cleaning litters are even less expensive than some conventional litter boxes, as you can see in our comparison.

How does the installation of a manual self-cleaning bedding system work?

The most important thing is to have a space to place the litter. These are usually large models. For some models, it is also necessary to think about keeping space around it in order to rotate the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter for example.

Apart from this point, there are no specifics concerning the installation of a manual self-cleaning litter, it is as simple as a classic litter, you place it, you fill it with suitable material and you maintain it daily.

What type of litter should I use for a manual self-cleaning litter box?

As with automatic self-cleaning litter, it is very advisable to use clumping litter as it can quickly damage the screen inside the litter box or considerably reduce the screening efficiency of the system. However, the advantage of manual self-cleaning litter is that there is no so-called “builder” litter, a litter with a good absorption capacity will allow a good use and efficiency of the cleaning process.

For more information on available bedding materials, you can consult this special guide.


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