My cat attacks its tail, what to do?

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There are some feline behaviors that are fun to watch. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes the reactions cats have can be harmful in many ways. We think of behavioral disorders or even diseases that we do not suspect.

The cat that attacks and grabs its tail is definitely one of the funniest models of entertainment you can have with your pet. However, we will immediately attract your attention: is this a normal phenomenon? Have other cats already performed this gesture? How is it interesting for the animal to chase its own tail?

All the answers to these questions will be found in this very complete file that we have written for you.

Kittens can chase their tails to uncover themselves

Kittens can be entertained with whatever it is possible to have. Kittens will appreciate taking the necessary time to observe all the reactions that their body or objects that are inside the house give them.

Kittens are ready to do anything to relax and have fun. Sometimes it can be the shadow of a bird passing in front of the sun that manifests in the house, an object that falls on the floor of the house… everything is good for entertainment.

Kittens are part of the felines. They are hunting animals. They have a highly developed predatory instinct (like dogs at first). When they are calmly posed in the house and that there is a piece of tail which makes its appearance, he will not hesitate to chase it to occupy itself. This is a frequent and perfectly normal case. There is no need to worry, quite the contrary.

It is important that the cat takes the time it takes to exercise in order to have a good full night’s sleep.

We will remind you that kittens should not access the outside world until they have spent enough time in the house or are old enough to go out. The animal must find ingenious solutions to spend itself and evacuate the overflow of energy which reigns in it. The hunting of its tail is a way of exerting itself. If you hear him biting his tail too hard, don’t hesitate to intervene so that he turns away and concentrates on another game.

Is this behavior normal in adults?

Is it normal for an adult cat to attack its tail?

Kittens can attack their tails in peace. On the other hand, it is not advisable to find this normal behavior in adult cats, on the contrary. This is not normal behavior. Adult cats that chase their tails actually behave compulsively.

This type of behavior can also be known as stereotypy. It is a phenomenon that requires asking the right questions:

  • Is the cat sociable and socialized enough?
  • What are the last brutal changes that took place in his life?
  • Does the cat spend enough energy?
  • Has he suffered any trauma in the past few days?
  • Does he exhibit behaviors related to fear and / or anxiety?

Compulsive animals are cats that have not been sufficiently socialized, have undergone too abrupt a change in their routine, who do not exercise enough, who have had a trauma or who are afraid or who are stressed.

How to act to eradicate the compulsive behavior of the animal?

One of the first causes of a cat attacking its tail is lack of activity. To remedy this, we can advise you to improve your course. The cat is going to have to have toys that are much more stimulating and motivating than they are now. You can opt for a scratching post or several scratching posts within the home.

Lack of play with your pet can also explain this behavioral disorder. The lasers will allow him to work on his hunting instinct which is not nothing for such an animal carried by predation.

The cat may also show that it is uncomfortable with everyone in the household. It is important to understand who it is with and why it is happening. The cat should not feel rejected by someone they have chosen. Indeed, the animal needs to be loved by everyone in the household, especially by the person he has chosen. The cat wants to spend time with everyone and feel that we have love for him, a lot of love!

To remedy this, you can take the time to make additional purchases so that the chosen person takes the time to play with the animal. Two-player games are very important to help the animal to be confident and to prevent it from attacking its tail.

How can this behavior be remedied so that it does not happen again?

Cats are complex and simple animals at the same time. They can hardly cope with the arrival of a baby, a new friend to his master or a pet. Naturally, he will make it clear to you by withdrawing and exerting himself as best he can to avoid being overwhelmed with energy.

Cats are very sensitive to stress. To prevent such a situation from happening, we can only suggest that you be careful and not change your habits. The moments together with the cat are essential for his mental and physical balance. He must continue to feel the love you have for him.

Hunting its tail right in front of you is one way to get your attention and make you react. Be careful that this does not become a habit, because of the consequences that we know …

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