When Should I Clean My Cat’s Litter Box?

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Some will tell you that the cat litter box needs to be cleaned thoroughly every other day, others only once a month. 

What is it really? 

It’s your cat who decides

To know how often to clean your cat’s litter box, rely on its behavior. Indeed, the cat is an animal for which hygiene must be irreproachable. Thus, if your feline starts to defecate outside of his litter box , it is a sign that the latter is no longer clean enough for him. The same if he starts scratching outside the bin rather than inside.

Over time you will learn the level of cleanliness your cat requires. Then you will know when is the ideal time to clean your litter box. And if you have several cats, remember that each of them must have their own litter box as well as an extra box! So you will need three litter boxes for two cats, for example.

However, be careful, if your cat finds his litter box too disgusting, he will then refrain from urinating. Instead of relieving himself two to three times a day, he will only urinate once. This can be very dangerous because his urine will tend to be more concentrated and cause an obstruction in the urethra , even leading to his death.

Once a week on average

If you cannot understand the signals sent by your cat, know that a litter box must be completely cleaned once a week on average. This means that it should be washed with warm water and soap in order to remove all bacteria and odors. However, if you have the habit of putting a garbage bag or litter bag at the bottom of the box, the full cleaning can be done once a month .

In contrast, the litter usually needs to be changed every two to three days . But of course it all depends on your cat’s litter box. But also the frequency with which he needs . A clumping litter, for example, can be changed only 2-3 times per month.

Good to know : excreta and urine clumps should be removed daily with a litter scoop and thrown in the trash ( not in the toilet !). This daily cleaning also allows you to quickly realize any health problems that your cat may have.

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