Why Does My Cat Run To Do Its Business In The Litter Box As Soon as I Clean It?

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Did you ever see your cat ready to pounce and go into her litter box as soon as you start cleaning her? Did you ever see him settle down, do his business without complex, in front of you, in the freshly cleaned bin?

I imagine that many of you are wondering how to explain this particular attraction for the litter that has just been removed 🙂

Venus, my adored cat, brings us his lights to better understand this strange and “misplaced” behavior of our adored little felines. I invite you to read further an interview between me and my cat 😉

Venus, do you run into your litter box as soon as your Mommy cleans it?

Of course! I run there straight to take at least a pee!

Is it the smell of a clean litter that attracts you?

Well, not at all! Mommy has a nasty habit of removing MY litter box needs every day. It may be a game, I don’t know, but I have to let my pee scent so that Frifri and Pucci know that this is my home here!

Humans, you are really funny animals. To do your business, you lock yourself in a very small room, far from everything, and everything disappears, splash, when you flush the toilet. And you think it’s the same for us, when not at all!

Is that so? Don’t you like being quiet in the bathroom?

When I’m in my litter box, it’s like in nature, I feel really vulnerable, I’m afraid of being attacked there, of being trapped there, so I like to be in a place where I can observe all my territory. And then my needs must be seen and felt by my friends, so if my tray is hidden in a corner, it is useless and it stresses me!

So when you run into the clean litter box, why is that?

It’s to put my scent back in it, of course! Actually, I prefer it when Mommy doesn’t clean completely, so I don’t need to do the job. It’s tiring, by dint of being on the cleat all the time as soon as she empties the bin. Obviously, I like being able to put one pad in front of the other when I’m going to eliminate it, but no, I’m not a neat freak!

So there you have it, fellas 🙂 I hope Venus was able to shed some light into this matter!

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