Why Is My Cat Chattering Its Teeth?

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Who hasn’t heard their cat chattering their teeth behind the window, watching a bird taunting them? This is what prompts many owners to wonder: “Why is my cat chattering her teeth like this?”Is he cold? Is he stressed? In reality, the answer is quite different.

Many more or less fanciful theories have been developed to explain the phenomenon of cat chattering teeth. In reality, it looks like a kind of crackle that you don’t always notice right away. But once we hear it, we realize that it is a behavior that can be repeated quite frequently!

Why does my cat chatter her teeth in certain situations?

First of all, cats always chatter their teeth when they see prey through the window, or on television. His hunting instinct, therefore, comes into play. The second thing to remember: the cat is not able to catch its prey. The chattering of the cat’s teeth is therefore linked to a form of frustration.

Indeed, a cat that hunts does so without the slightest noise. Imagine that the cat makes this noise before jumping on its prey, the latter would scamper before taking the fatal blow!

When a cat catches prey, most of the time it breaks its neck to prevent it from running away. To do this, the cat makes a back and forth motion with the jaw around the neck of its victim, like a saw.

It is exactly this movement that emits this crackling noise when our cat sees an inaccessible prey!

In fact, when the cat is chattering its teeth, it trains itself to make this gesture that will end the days of its prey, as if it held it, there, in its mouth! It’s fun, isn’t it?

cat staring out the window

The cat’s hunting instinct is expressed through play

Most of our cats do not hunt, and it is exactly to pretend, so as not to lose their paws, that they are exercising. They rediscover that primitive feel of wild cats, but that’s not the only way they have to remain hunters ready to resume this activity!

A simple ball, a feather duster, what we commonly call “games” are in reality for our cats only a means of training in hunting, of pretending, of dreaming for a few moments that they are formidable predators!

So that’s why our cats make this little chatter of teeth, imagining that they have reached their target, as we have mouth-watering when we think back to a good meal from our childhood.

All you have to do is set up a comfortable place with a view of the trees – for example, a cat tree! – so that your cat can salivate in front of small birds that he will never catch.

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