Why Is My Cat Eating Grass?

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You are certainly one of those people who have seen cats eat grass. It is a frequent thing. Do you know why they eat weed? Is it dangerous for their bodies?

Normally, the cat is an animal that needs to purge itself. For that, he will simply eat grass. The latter possesses several qualities and several virtues that are interesting to the eyes of the cat.

In this article, we will find out in depth why the cat eats grass.

Hairballs are dangerous for cats

The cat is an animal that loves, above all, to wash itself. He cannot stand the slightest impurity on his body. While washing, it absorbs hair … Hairballs that form inside the stomach can cause more or less significant risks. Animals like felines do not digest the dead hair that they swallow when grooming well.

Why is weed a solution? By swallowing grass, the cat will be able to more easily eliminate the hairballs that form in his body. It is very important to let the animal eat grass, even indoors with catnip. The grass will be swallowed and will envelop all the hairballs in the animal’s stomach.

Thus, the hairballs will be eliminated with the grass, which is a very appreciable solution for the animal. It can regulate his stomach and reduce the formation of hairballs inside his body.

If you don’t have a garden, or if you decide not to take the cat out into the garden for various reasons, consider investing in catnip. You will find several in the trade which are interesting and which will be able to meet the needs of the cat.

Make the cat vomit

Cats are fantastic animals that shouldn’t be overlooked – quite the contrary. They know better than anyone what is good (and bad) for their health. If you catch your pet eating weed, it may be better to vomit. Cats will consume grass for better digestion… but this is not always the case.

When the food eaten by the cat is not sufficiently evacuated, the cat will find another method to get rid of it. Often it is vomiting.

Why would the cat vomit? What can’t he digest? Do you have to change the kibbles? Nothing of the sort. Cats that vomit with the help of grass are regularly the animals that live outdoors and outdoors. They’re going to hunt mice, rodents, a whole bunch of little rodents that are going to have hair or feathers if the cats attack the birds. These elements cannot be digested properly.

With the help of the grass, the animal will vomit and reject whatever it cannot eliminate.

A powerful laxative

The cat does not have a digestive system like ours. He needs to defecate regularly, once or twice a day. It is important for the animal to keep this routine, which is what puts it in good health conditions so as not to have a bloated stomach.

By eating weed, it causes its stomach to purge and empty itself. The cat can defecate more regularly and does not feel pain in the digestive system. It is very important not to accumulate and keep food scraps that will cause him more harm than anything else.

A significant food supplement

Carnivorous animals like cats might not need grass in their diet. And yet, yes. It is very important. The grass has several virtues which are not unpleasant, as well for the cat as for the dog.

In the twig of grass, the dog will have fibers and vitamins which will be very determining for his organism. These elements are not found inside its kibble, which may explain a natural deficiency.

The cat will, of course, attack the grass. It is an innate reflex that they have had from their origins. It will be very difficult to remove them.

On the other hand, we must be vigilant. The cat is curious, but does not necessarily know the good from the bad, as hens might. It is important to keep in mind that there are several poisonous plants which are dangerous for the cat. You have to be well informed to avoid poisoning.

Can we talk about drugs when we talk about catnip?

Catnip is also known as the green plant, namely catnip. This is a plant that cat owners will buy for indoor cats. It is a fun and essential solution to allow the animal to eat grass.

This herb will have a very strong effect on the animal. Some call it a drug, so cats are addicted to it. When they have tasted it, they come back regularly to consume it.

Thanks to the very specific composition of catnip, it is possible to have a cat in ecstasy when he sees it for the first time. The animal will be attracted and will not be detached from it. When the animal consumes it, it will cause an exceptional feeling for the cat, to the point of having pheromones of pleasure which is given off in the brain. The tomcat is at its peak and is perfectly happy!

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